Spouse Spy App

hoverwatchHoverwatch — a spouse spy app that runs in the background completely hidden from the user. Hoverwatch is available for those who want to keep track of their phone and make sure that it is being used correctly. It will allow you to see exactly what is going on on the phone by receiving an email with all the details. Find out what numbers are texting the phone and what is being said, find timestamp GPS locations see every call and Email, and more.users are 80% more likely to seek sexual deviance when compared to those who do not use smartphones?

Catch a Cheater

If you worry that your spouse is cheating on you, it can keep you up and stress you out for years. By knowing exactly what is going on with your spouse’s cell phone activity, you can confirm or deny any suspicions rather quickly. It will allow you to monitor your phone that you have unrestricted access to. Hoverwatch is the #1 spouse spy app because so many people use it to track and spy on their spouse every day.

There are quick and easy ways to root an Android phone to allow installation of third party apps. There are also ways to hide that the phone is rooted, but rooting is so common, most people have a rooted phone already. Install Hoverwatch from a website on the phone, set all the recording settings, and you’re on your way!

With Hoverwatch, logs are recorded and sent to your online account at whatever time interval you chose. You can also do things like place a call from the device remotely by sending a command to the cell phone. This is handy if you want to be able to hear what is going on real quick. Simply tell the phone what number to dial, and it does on command!

Hoverwatch is the #1 spouse spy app because of its ability to help people find out the truth about what goes on with their phones before it’s too late. You may not be able to stop your spouse from cheating on you, but you can protect yourself from playing the fool for way too long.

You aren’t alone in this race to know the truth behind your partner’s lies, but there is a whole lot of those who have experienced stumbling blocks in the course of their married life in forms of distrust and infidelity in relationships.

Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone

If you are looking to spy on your partner who you suspect of cheating on you, today’s advanced yet simple to implement cell phone spy software can do the deed for you hassle free.

The best solution is to become a detective yourself by making use of cell phone spy software if you suspect your partner is cheating on you. There are numerous spy software available in the market place these days that you can look for to keep tabs on where your partner goes and who they speak with.. and above all, if anything is going on in their life at all.

For answers to the above questions, you can look to Hoverwatch, which once installed, starts running in complete silence onto your partner’s cell phone. It has some incredible features:

  • You receive actual copies of every incoming and outgoing SMS text message
  • The logs recorded for all the calls made and received with time duration
  • You’ll be informed about every new and old phone contacts in their cell phone
  • Gives you access to all photos taken & videos shot using the cell phone’s camera
  • You’ll also get GPS coordinates to pinpoint their exact location on a map

Spy Call feature – Listen to Their Phone Surroundings

You can call the target phone from a previously configured number and stealthily listen to the conversations going on in the vicinity. For example, whenever you’re not sure about what your partner may be doing at a certain point in time, you can make a silent call to their cell phone in order to listen to their surroundings using the “Spy Call” feature available in cell phone spy software.

With spouse spy software, you can convert your partner’s GSM phone into a live surveillance device aimed directly at their cell phone activities and without the person even being aware of it. You can either choose to receive all the information gathered from your partner’s phone in an email or can see them on a password protected account on Hoverwatch’s website.

Such technology has been possible due to the recent advancements in the cell phone application development, which not only helps individuals to sort out problems in relationships but also helps parents as well as employers to keep a guarding eye on the cell phone activities of their kids and employees respectively.

You may be asking yourself if it is worth the hassle to know the truth, which also can be excruciating, but you would like to dig up to the bottom of it simply for your own contentment and self satisfaction. This will assure that you lead a happier life in the time to come.