Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone with SpyBubble

monitor your child's cell phoneThe smartphone craze has taken over the way we communicate, making it faster and easier to speak and text with friends and loved ones. Especially for parents, giving their kids a smartphone allows them to stay in contact during emergencies and during those times when they just need to send a quick text. Unfortunately, some parents are finding it difficult to monitor activities of their kids on their phone.

Smartphones come with many features and apps for kids to take advantage of. But sometimes with the compulsive nature of kids, they tend to overuse their phone and can sometimes get themselves into unwanted troubles. Mobile monitoring apps come in handy to help parents stay informed with what kids are up to on their device, and can also help curb some of their negative behavior.

Often times, kids can get too caught up in their smartphones and start visiting questionable websites, texting and talking on the phone late at night, or getting involved in dangerous trends such as sexting and Cyberbullying. Monitoring software apps such as SpyBubble allows parents to not only monitor what their kids are doing on the phone, but also block them from some activities.

Below are a few examples of monitoring features available with SpyBubble:

  • Call Logs: Parents can monitor all incoming and outgoing call history information.
  • Texts: View full content of all sent and received SMS texts messages along with date and time.
  • Photos/Videos Taken: Parents can see all photos and videos taken using the Android smartphones camera to make sure kids are not taking anything inappropriate.
  • URL History: A list of all websites is also available for monitoring.
  • Apps Installed: Parents can view a list of all Android apps installed on the monitored smartphone, including the date/time they were downloaded.
  • Block Apps: From the list of apps installed, parents can choose which apps they don’t want their kids to have access to.
  • Phone Usage Logs: This feature allows users to view every app that is used on the phone along with how many times it was used and how long.
  • Remote Commands: Users can send silent remote commands to the monitored Android to lock/unlock the phone, shutdown the phone, and wipe all phone data.
  • … And many more monitoring options available.

Available for as low as $49.95, SpyBubble is an outstanding way for parents to monitor the child’s smartphone in today’s high tech world.