SpyBubble Review 2018

Last updated: October 19, 2018

Editor’s note: According to BestPhoneSpy, the SpyBubble software has been discontinued due to legal issues. You can try alternatives such as Highster Mobile, which is also an easy-to-use mobile spy software.

SpyBubble is a spy app that lets you monitor what’s happening on a cell phone. You can see incoming/outgoing calls and text messages. You can track your target’s location, view browsing history and read emails.

Once installed, the app records all phone activity. It then sends this data to an internal server where it is stored for you!

​The Pros and Cons of SpyBubble

Pros About SpyBubble

1. Return Policy. SpyBubble has an industry best 60 day return policy. This means you have more than enough time to get your hands on the phone, install the spy app, and then test it out. Some other spy apps only offer 7-10 days, which just isn’t enough for most people. I give SpyBubble a big thumbs up on this one.

2. Unlimited Installations. The other good thing I like about SpyBubble is that they offer unlimited installations. This means if you have several phones you want to monitor and track, you only have to buy a single license. No other phone spying app that I’m aware of allows you to install their app on more than one phone at a time. This could be a huge cost savings for anyone who needs to monitor multiple phones.

Cons About SpyBubble

1. Lacks advanced features. It does what it promises, but lacks some features such as Facebook tracking, call interception, and keylogger.

2. Battery Drain. This is one problem that I’m hearing over and over again. I get a lot of readers who report that SpyBubble is causing their target phone’s battery to lose power in a much quicker fashion than it did prior to installing it.

3. Support. Other spy software vendors take customer support seriously. They offer live support over the phone, or online support via their website. All offer some type of email support. What does SpyBubble do? They try to CHARGE you an extra $9.95 for what they call ‘Priority Support’ where what they should be doing is trying to find a way to improve their support so they don’t have to charge customers extra to contact them.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, SpyBubble is an excellent choice for someone who needs to monitor multiple phones. Since you’re able to install it on as many phones as you want, you can buy a single license and then install on all the phones you want to monitor. This is perfect for employees who want to monitor company issued cell phones or for parents who might want to monitor all the phones in the family.


SpyBubble comes with many of the features found on other cell phone spy software, including:

spybubble features

  • SMS Tracking: View all SMS text messages sent and received on the phone.
  • GPS Locations: View where your child is or has been using their mobile phone’s GPS signal.
  • Phone Calls: Numbers for all incoming and outgoing calls are displayed with a date/time stamp and duration of the call.
  • Websites Visited: View a list of URLs for each web page visited using the phone’s browser.
  • Photos/Videos: See all photos and videos taken using the phone’s camera.
  • Contacts: All contacts stored in the phone are uploaded. Any newly added ones will be uploaded as they are added later.

How to Use SpyBubble

how it works

The SpyBubble app is easy to install and use. It works with both Apple and Android devices. You only need to install mobile monitoring app once on your target’s phone and then configure it with a web account that can be accessed online. Once the monitored phone and the web account are setup, it will operate automatically. You can easily access and view all the recorded activities that occur on the phone.

So, why use SpyBubble?

To Keep Track of their Child’s Phone Activities

If you are a concerned parent or guardian and wish to know what your child is doing on their cell phone. Also, you may want to safe guard them from the dangers of “sexting”, drug abuse, or other prohibited activities.

Employee Monitoring

Do you wonder what your employees are doing with their company issued phones? You may want to keep an eye on their activities on these phones in case they are violating company compliance rules and regulations. Some can even leak important company secrets and put the company at risk.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

Do you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you? If so, you’re probably correct. SpyBubble allows you to monitor your spouse’s phone in real time. This app records every activity they perform in real time. You will know the truth!