Monitor Every Text Message with SpyBubble

SpyBubble Text MessageSpyBubble is the feature-rich app for monitoring and tracking everything done on the cell phone it is running on. It logs all incoming/outgoing calls, collects photos taken on the phone, tracks the phone’s GPS coordinates, and more—all viewable from the customer control panel.

SpyBubble also collects information from one of the most popular activities people do on their phones and that is exchanging text messages via SMS, third-party chatting apps, and email. While sending text is a very effective way to communicate, it has its risk of mischief or wrongdoing which is why you need SpyBubble on your kid’s cell phone or your employee’s company-issued smart device.

Texting and Your Kids

Your kids would much rather text their friends than speak over the phone. There are several reasons for this:

  • Talking about topics that they want to keep concealed
  • Exchanging messages of a sexual nature (“sexting”)
  • Bored and want to pass the time
  • Can hide texting activities from the teacher

Teen Texting

The boredom factor is something that is counterproductive when it comes to school and your children. Typically, they will sit the classroom texting away keeping their phones hidden under the desk. They do this while teacher lectures away.

Boredom happens in school let’s face it. Some of the topics are boring to begin with. But you want your children to learn that boring situations are part of life and the information that the teacher is putting out, while not that interesting, is important.

Texting and Your Employees

Your employees can be exchanging messages either with others in the workplace or, worse yet, with others who work for your competitors. Typical scenarios include:

  • Texting the competition when new ideas are presented
  • Sending inflammatory messages about the company to other coworkers
  • Wasting company time (bored)
  • Coordinating with another to steal something from the company

Texting the competition during presentations and meeting when new plans are being made can put your company in an extremely vulnerable position. It could be a simple message from your employee to a friend who works at another competing company. The message may read, “You should see what they are going to do… This would probably work at your place too.”

As an employer, you well know that boredom takes place in the workplace too. Your employee could have a long list of tasks to complete but the nature some of them is extremely boring. This is when the cell phone comes out and the bored employee starts passing the time with texting instead of doing the task.

What SpyBubble Can Read

Practically any communication that is on a cell phone can be captured by SpyBubble. The app can capture:

SMS WhatsApp BBM iMessage Email

  • Standard SMS messages
  • WhatsApp messages
  • BBM chat sessions (Blackberry)
  • iMessage chat sessions (iPhone)
  • Email messages
  • Task lists and calendar text

If you want to spy on other popular instant messaging apps, please visit and you’ll find a list of the best spy apps on the Internet. Standard SMS messages typically incur extra charges thus chat applications like iMessage and WhatsApp have become popular because they are free and use the internet. Thus what makes a cell phone spy application such as SpyBubble popular is when it can tap into these third-party texting apps.

Email is usually not grouped with SMS and chatting applications however it is text nonetheless. Target phone users have it as an option for communicating and SpyBubble can capture all incoming and outgoing messages.

It’s the same with task lists and calendar text. While the information here may not be going out to someone else, it could still reveal something going on that is not quite right.

Even if It Gets Deleted

Anyone who is up to no good with a cell phone texting application will probably think he is covering his tracks. Without a cell phone tracking app like SpyBubble, he probably can hide his activities by simply deleting the messages.

However, with SpyBubble, all of the messages have already been collected and reside on the server now accessible by you.

Even if your child or employee is not up to anything wrong, texting can waste an incredible amount of time. You need to know what is going on with the cell phones that you are responsible for. Get SpyBubble today and get a handle on all incoming and outgoing communications plus other revealing information.