spybubbleSpyBubble is a cost-effective and powerful cell phone spy software that is used for tracking and monitoring smartphones and tablets. It provides the answers to the problems parents and employers have when trying to find the truth about the activities of their kids and employees. This cell phone spy tool gets to the details about their activities by using their cell phones as a spy device and all without the need to purchase expensive surveillance equipment.

The spy app runs silently on the target phone (the phone getting tracked) and undetected by the user. All information is uploaded to your subscriber area and accessible through a control panel which can only be accessed by you with your username and password.

SpyBubble is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPad and Android Tablets. To check if your device is supported go to: www.spybubble.com/supportedphones.php

SpyBubble Features and Benefits

You get options with SpyBubble where you can fit the product to your needs and budget. They provide you the options of a basic or PRO plan.

With the basic version of SpyBubble you get the following features:

1. Call spying: SpyBubble views the target phone call history plus records calls for later listening. You can see with whom your children and employees are conversing with if their names are in the contact file or be alerted to strange numbers not associated with a name.

2. SpyBubble can also record calls and upload the clips for listening from your control panel (available only on Android and Symbian phones). It gives you an added level of information because you can hear the conversation on top of the call details.

3. Any SMS message that is received or sent by the target phone is captured and sent to your account area for viewing—even if the user deletes them. The full text of the message is displayed on the control panel.

4. Messages that pass through instant messenger apps WhatsApp, iMessage, and BBM can be spied on as well. This is useful when the target phone user thinks that he can circumvent the SMS system and go through the internet to communicate.

5. All incoming and outgoing email messages to the target phone can be read from your control panel. This is another hook into monitoring the messages on the target phone.

6. The contacts file on the target phone is completely viewable with spy bubble. You can now question your kids about the names in there that you don’t know.

7. All photos captured on the target phone can be viewed from your control panel. Are your teenagers taking half-nude self-shots and posting them on Twitter? Are your employees taking pictures of company confidential documents for exposure to your competition?

8. The target phone can be tracked using GPS from a historical viewpoint. SpyBubble reports the phone’s location history using latitude and longitude coordinates for viewing in your account area with a map.

9. The SpyBubble spy app will also plot a travel route based upon GPS history and show it on a map accessible from your control panel. This allows you to analyze suspicious travel patterns such as your teenager stopping off at a friend’s house every day before school—a friend you don’t want your teenager around.

10. SpyBubble can view the phone’s calendar and task lists. This is helpful in finding out the plans of your employees or children. In the case of your children, they may be planning to meet with someone who is potentially dangerous.

11. Websites visited on the target phone with spybubble are no longer kept secret. Where are your employees spending their time in the cyber world? Are your kids looking at adult websites?

With the SpyBubble PRO version, you get everything above plus:

1. You can intercept calls live and listen as they happen. For example, if you think your employee is at a bar when he should be on a service call, you can now listen in and use that information in combination with the GPS location history to be certain.

2. SMS or text messages can be forwarded to your cell phone making it handy for whenever you cannot get access to your member’s control panel area. This is an extremely useful feature for when the target phone does not have internet access. In this case it uses the SMS system instead.

3. You can capture a photograph or video remotely from the target phone by sending a command. It uses the target phone’s camera and completely stealth.

4. A comprehensive set of commands are provided to control the remote phone and make settings changes to the SpyBubble app running on it. This is advantageous over some cell phone monitoring programs where you must get control of the target phone to make settings changes.

5. You get the capability to activate the target phone’s microphone to listen in on the device’s surroundings. It’s like having expensive audio surveillance equipment but without the complication or expense.

6. Blackberry BBM and WhatsApp messages can be captured. These are chatting apps that use the internet instead of SMS with the former for Blackberry phones only and the latter for all phones.

With SpyBubble, all of the important details of messages, calls, and locations, are sent to your control panel. These are details such as call date and time, the caller or who received the call, full text of messages, links to websites visited, date and time that a picture was taken, and more.

Plans & Pricing

SpyBubble begins at $49.95 for one year for the basic version and $89 for the PRO version. When you compare this to the price of other cell phone spy software vendors it is quite affordable considering what you get.

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How to Install SpyBubble

Installing the SpyBubble cell phone tracking package is straightforward and consists of three steps:

The Process

1. Buy SpyBubble2. Download and installation3. Start viewing data
Purchase the software right from the SpyBubble website. Pick if you want the basic or PRO version. You will be asked for your name, email address, and to choose a password. After entering your choices, you move on to the checkout page for submitting your payment information. Upon successful completion of your purchase, you will be sent an email containing your login credentials (username and password), a web link for downloading the cell phone app, and a license key.
Use the web link provided in the email to download the SpyBubble spy app to the phone that you will be monitoring. This is also the point where you should know the type of cell phone that you are downloading the app onto (e.g., Android, iPhone, etc.).
After the quick installation which only takes a few minutes, the phone starts sending data. All you need to do is get to a web browser, log in to your member area, and start viewing what is sent from your control panel.


Compatibility & Supported OS

spybubble compatibilitySpyBubble supports an impressive range of phones and tablet computers running the following operating systems:

  • Android, versions 1.0 and above
  • iPhone iOS, versions 2.x and higher
  • Blackberry 4.2.1 and above
  • Symbian OS
  • Windows Mobile 5.x and above
  • All models of iPad
  • Most Android tablets
SpyBubble makes it easy for you by providing a web page showing images of all of the compatible phones that its application can run on. Plus, the page has a list of the popular supported phones so that most customers can quickly pick their model from it. If you’re still not sure if your device is compatible, please go here: http://www.spybubble-pro.net/goto/SupportedPhones

Why Should You Choose SpyBubble

Choosing the best phone spy software is a matter of assessing purpose, what is available, what features the product has, and how it works.

To begin with, you must ask yourself how you intend to use the software. The two most common uses are parents monitoring the cell phones that they bought for their children and employers monitoring the company-issued cell phones of their employees.

These are just some of the most common examples of how SpyBubble can be used and it is a necessary step when choosing the best among the products out there.

Your next step is to make the search and find out what cell phone spy software is available on the market. You will find SpyBubble among others but hold that thought. Once you know what is on the market, take a close look at SpyBubble. You’ll find that it has all of the features that you would need to do effective monitoring on the target phone to include:

  • Call recording and history
  • Ability to read incoming/outgoing SMS messages
  • Read incoming/outgoing emails
  • See internet activities
  • Track location to include history
Finally, when choosing a cell phone spy software, take a look at how it works. Is it easy to install and change settings on the target phone app? Does it run silently in stealth mode? Does it record data often enough so that it is captured even though it gets deleted on the target phone? Is there a sufficient remote control command set?

You will find that SpyBubble has the answers to all of these questions making it among the top players in the spy software market.

Of course price is important but you will find that SpyBubble is one of the least expensive on the market yet packed with all of the features of the highest-priced. You should also look at guarantees that will return your money should the software not be what you expected. Spy Bubble has the answer here as well with their money back guarantee. Read more about this below.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

As mentioned above, when choosing the best phone spy software, the product guarantee is important. SpyBubble is so confident that its product will meet and surpass what you need in its product that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. There is no risk for you!

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With the tracking features provided by SpyBubble Pro, the wide range of OS compatibility, price, and money back guarantee, you cannot overlook trying this software for yourself.

FeaturesToday’s smartphones and tablet computers offer more flexibility and mobility than ever before but unfortunately they can be used to hide mischievous and malicious activities.

Without SpyBubble on a cell phone you are responsible for, you might never know the truth about the bad influences of friends who your child is communicating with or the long meetings that your employee has away from the office which are actually bar runs.

Smartphones are too expensive of an investment to be used for other than their intended purpose. Plus, your children’s safety is priceless. Don’t run these risks of having an unmonitored cell phone. Order SpyBubble today and try it for yourself.