SpyBubble Cell Phone Surveillance Tools

Cell Phone SurveillanceWith SpyBubble cell phone spy software, you get a full range of surveillance tools for a mere fraction of the cost of classic surveillance equipment not to mention the fees for a private investigator.

Surveillance is a fairly strong word, but there are instances where you need the power of SpyBubble to get to the bottom of some pretty serious things. For example, if your teenager is being stalked by a sexual predator or your employee is planning to embezzle company funds then you need the surveillance tools provided by the SpyBubble cell phone tracking product. Here are the features of the app that make this possible.

Live Recording Feature

The capability of SpyBubble to upload call logs is powerful but the added capability to either capture live calls (Pro version Live Call Intercept) or record calls ranks right up there with the best of surveillance equipment.

If your teenager is coordinating with a drug dealer for picking up a “product” or your employee is coordinating with a partner in his embezzlement plans, capturing the actual audio of their conversations is and always has been the best tool for finding out the truth.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds

Sometimes conversations of interest don’t take place over cell phones at all. Your teenager could be in a room with his friend discussing where to buy some drugs or your employee could be in the warehouse coordinating with the shipping clerk to look the other way while he steals some company supplies.

With SpyBubble Pro, you can make a special call from your phone to the target cell phone and listen in to the surroundings which would of course pick up the conversation between the two up to no good.

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Live Photo/Video

Not only can you activate listening to surrounding sounds remotely but you can also capture a live photo or video in the same manner—remotely. This SpyBubble feature helps you seal in the evidence against those perpetrating acts against you. You command the target phone to take the photo or video clip but you are not there.

This means you can capture a photo of your teenager buying drugs from the friend who you told him to stay away from. And, you can capture a video of your employee sliding stolen company supplies under the partially opened warehouse door.

Live Tracking

Of course you would like to know where those whom you are responsible for are up to no good. Here again, SpyBubble provides the answer with live GPS location tracking.

Another example of its power is saying your teenager buys drugs and goes off to a party. You would like to know where he is headed so that you can stop him if you can. Or, your employee who is stealing supplies through the back of the warehouse can be stopped by calling company security and telling them where he is.

SMS Forwarding

The private detectives from the old movies would follow their “person of interest” but may not be able to enter the same room as the person they were following.

With SpyBubble, you can see all of the logged information but if you are following your teenager you can’t carry around a computer with you. Sure, you have a smartphone with a web browser but the small screens make things tedious.

Because of SpyBubble’s SMS forwarding feature, you can get information sent directly to your cell phone via the SMS messaging system. Thus, you can find your teenager and get him back home.

It is amazing how much surveillance power can be packed in one little cell phone with the SpyBubble spy software. Classic surveillance equipment used by law enforcement agents takes a discreet vehicle to haul it around and several people to operate including the person with “bug” planted to go to the scene.

Now you can see how SpyBubble can help you get to the truth about misdeeds happening behind your back by your teenager or employee. Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes. SpyBubble spy software is both affordable and powerful. Check out how it works and get back in control.


Increase Employee Productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

It is your hope, as an employer, that all your staff provides exceptional productivity all the time. However, we live in the age of technology, and this proves to be difficult because of all the distractions that electronic devices provide. As humans, it is also natural to lack motivation in a work environment.

Be up front about expectations

Setting goals for your employees can be very effective. This will help them know what they have to do to make you happy. However, do not set goals that are unattainable because employees will get frustrated. Goal setting and expectations are two things that need to be made clear when presenting new projects for your team.


Let your staff know the good and bad parts of their roles in your company. Constructive criticism will provide good results. However, if you choose to be destructive when criticizing, it could affect the productivity of the whole team. Provide feedback about the progress of work, and things that are good or need to be changed. As a leader, you should provide a positive way for your team to obtain success. Encouragement will go a long way, when trying to gain productivity from your employees.


Employees will work harder if there are benefits involved. Everyone likes to receive something for a job well done. So, if you are working on a larger project that has a short time frame, offer incentives to your employees. See how fast they get the job done, because they want to reap the rewards you are providing.

Promote career growth

No one wants to be the little man in the office. Use this to help you get continual productivity from key players. Encourage them that their productivity will play an important role in their advancement in the company. Provide development training, or education that will help them grow in their current position, as well as look good for future positions. Groom your employees to be more than their current position. This will motivate them to do a good job for you, because it will pay off in the future.


If you provide certain perks to your employees, like company phones or computers, do not be afraid to install a monitoring software to ensure they are using these items for work purposes. Spybubble is an excellent way to monitor cell phone usage, as well as track the whereabouts of employees who are on the clock. This software is great for employers who have many off site projects. This will allow them to make sure their staff is where they are suppose to be. Spybubble has your back, and will help ensure you receive productivity from employees who work on and off site.

Enforce discipline

If suspicious activity is a concern among your employees, and you have installed monitoring software on their devices, like Spybubble, make sure you enforce discipline when mischievous behavior is detected. Career growth, might work for some employees, but others will continue to lack the motivation you need to produce productivity. Therefore, monitoring software can help you eliminate those types of employees. Other staff members will probably be relieved, because people who lack motivation cause more work for others.

Spybubble gives employers the ability to track employees to ensure they are being productive. When you own your own company, it is important that you are able to trust your employees. You never know who may be leaking important company details, or looking at inappropriate material while at work. There are thousands of monitoring software for computers, but when it comes to mobile monitoring, Spybubble is a clear choice among employers.

Employers will finally be able to calculate how much time is spent on productive work, versus texting, chatting, video watching, and game playing. It’s important to reward your staff for a job well done, but it is equally important to enforce discipline for nonproductive behavior, that is why it is vital you install employee monitoring systems, on all company owned devices.

Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone with SpyBubble

Monitor Your Child's Cell PhoneParents enjoy buying nice things for their children and cell phones are included. And a cell phone can be a good thing for your child because they can communicate with you when necessary. They can also use them in emergencies if they need to. No longer do children have to find a pay phone to get in touch with you.

But children are oftentimes tempted to get into trouble with their cell phones out of curiosity more than anything else. There are also times when they get into dangerous situations and urgently need you to know about it. Thus, it is important to monitor your child’s cell phone with the feature-rich cell phone tracking software available from SpyBubble. Read further and find out more.

The Importance Monitoring Your Child

To elaborate on the introduction, there are several reasons why it is important to monitor your child’s cell phone with SpyBubble. These reasons include:

  • Keeping away strangers
  • Teaching conservative use of a cell phone
  • Protecting from internet dangers
  • Guarding from texting in the wrong situations
  • Stopping inappropriate communications
  • Keeping accountability of your child
  • Catching the bully

SpyBubble gives you the tools to stay on top of all of these situations and more.

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Keeping the Strangers Away

Your kids know not to talk to strangers but there is something about the anonymity of the internet and chat applications that tempt kids to do it anyway. Many children just don’t accept the fact that the person whom they are chatting with is oftentimes not the person they say they are.

You’ve seen the scenarios depicted on television before. The stranger convinces a young teenage girl to meet him through a chat application on the computer. The meeting takes place and the teenager is sexually assaulted.

This threat alone is enough to make your decision to get SpyBubble for your child’s cell phone. SpyBubble can collect messages from SMS, email, and even third party chat application messages like iMessage (iPhone), BBM (Blackberry), and WhatsApp.

SMS WhatsApp BBM iMessage Email

Stopping Cell Phone Overuse

Keeping family expenses fixed is important for your budget. Thus, you want to keep your child’s monthly cell phone bill as close to a fixed expense as possible. Excessive use, downloading, and SMS messages typically incur extra charges and overuse of these services can send your child’s phone bill through the roof.

There is nothing worse than surprise expenses such as these and what’s even worse is that there is really nothing to show for the money spent. With SpyBubble, you can monitor all of these activities and prevent getting hit by a huge cell phone bill.

Protect from Internet Dangers

Internet DangersCommon internet dangers include websites that are definitely not for children and the viruses that they spread. Social networking sites can also be potentially dangerous because of the predators and criminals that lurk on them.

While sharing pictures and other personal information on social networking sites are meant for fun, predators are out there gathering the pieces to carry out a crime. And your child could be the target.

For example, your child may share where she lives on Facebook or make a post about the new giant flat screen television her father just bought (and post a picture as well). Meanwhile, the burglar is reading this information and planning to hit your house tonight.

With SpyBubble, you know what websites they are visiting and how much time they spend on them. For instance, if your child spends a lot of time on Facebook, you can look at the pictures on his phone and see what he is sharing with others.

You can also totally block certain websites that they should not be on with SpyBubble.

Putting a Halt on Inappropriate Communications

With SpyBubble, you can do more to make sure that your child is not communicating inappropriately. You can look at all of the pictures that they take, send, and receive on the target phone with SpyBubble.

Here again, you’ve seen the news where predators and perverts send inappropriate self photos to unsuspecting young people who sometimes return the same back. Or, it doesn’t have to be a criminal situation. Teenage girls sometimes like to take their racy self photos and send to their boyfriends or, even worse, a stranger.

Knowing Where Your Child Is

Keep track of your childProbably the biggest responsibility that you as a parent have is the knowledge of where your child is. Before SpyBubble, teenagers could lie about their whereabouts with their cell phones and you might never know.

Now with SpyBubble, you can track their current and past GPS location. Plus, if you really want to verify where your child is, you can send a remote command and listen to their surroundings. The latter feature is useful for when you suspect they are at a party they shouldn’t be.

Parenting is a big responsibility and it gets more difficult when our children get cell phones and learn to drive cars. Cars and cell phones give them a higher degree of independence plus more temptation to get into trouble. SpyBubble solves the problem of monitoring your child’s cell phone. Get this incredible and powerful app today and get some help with your responsibilities as a parent.

SpyBubble Android Spy Software

SpyBubble for Android – Protecting Your Investment and More

android spySpyBubble is the premier cell phone tracking and spy application designed to run on Android smartphones as well as others. You might say that you don’t need to spy on anyone’s cell phone but if you are an employer who has issued Android cell phones to your employees for their jobs and don’t have SpyBubble on them then you are putting your investment at risk.

Read further and see how this feature-rich cell phone tracking software package provides the solution to this problem.

Investments to Protect

First, let’s start with the business assets that you need to protect with SpyBubble Android spy software. They include:

  • The device itself
  • Your company’s assets
  • Your best employees
  • Company confidential information
  • Resource continuity

An Android Device is No Small Investment

SpyBubble runs on a long list of Android-based smartphones. Some of these models are quite expensive. Once you start issuing cell phones to employees, you can bet that one of these phones will be lost or stolen. Why should employees take special care to protect a phone they were given? They’ll just get another one.

Without SpyBubble on a phone, if it gets lost or stolen, you basically have no chance of recovery. With SpyBubble, you can track the phone with GPS, activate the live camera, listen to the surroundings, and use all of the other features.

Keep in the mind that the SpyBubble app for Android is not installed on the SIM but resident on the phone itself. Even if someone swaps the SIM card, you’ll still be able to track the phone.

SpyBubble Protecting Your Company’s Assets

Did you know that most losses of company assets and inventory come from within? It makes sense because employees have the most unrestricted access to them. You never know when you’ll get that employee who thinks that he is not paid enough and will “help himself” as they say.

Few people operate alone when it comes to theft. Someone else is typically involved. While a skilled criminal may not use his cell phone to communicate blatantly about the crime, there will still be off topic calls and SMS messages that may give you a clue. SpyBubble can view all these messages plus give you an indication of the incoming and outgoing calls.

Probably there will be more “chatter” before the crime is carried out and you can derive from the call and message logs sent by SpyBubble that something is about to happen.

Protecting Your Best Employees

And you thought SpyBubble for Android was all about catching a troublemaker. It can also be used to protect your best employees as well.

Consider this. If you have a troublemaking employee in your company, he is pulling everyone down while serving his own self interests. In this event, you can see the SMS messages where he is complaining about the boss, policies, and anything else with his coworkers. SpyBubble allows you to intervene before one disgruntled employee pulls down everyone else.

Company Confidential Information

Here’s an example of information that could damage the profitability of a business if compromised. Retailers have detailed price markup percentages for their goods but that information is company confidential for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons is that it gives leverage over the competition when price wars hit. In other words, a company knows what its bottom line price is in order to stay profitable.

How would you like it if an employee was communicating markup information to your competitor retailer down the street? He may be doing it to try to get another job or he may be an idealist and sharing it because he feels it is too high. You get all kinds in the workplace.

With SpyBubble Android spy software, you can see the SMS and email messages that your employee exchanging with others. You can see the text of these messages and pin down exactly what the troublemaker is sharing.

Maintaining Company Continuity

Oftentimes, troublemaking employees are also looking for another job on company time. While one of your employees has the right to search for another job, you also need to maintain business continuity.

Considering this, it would be nice to know if the employee that you are suspicious of is looking for another job. You need to line up someone to fill that slot. With SpyBubble’s ability to track calls, view SMS messages, and especially view emails you can determine if you have an employee who is going to jump ship.

Can it be Detected?

SpyBubble for Android runs in what is called stealth mode. After it is downloaded and installed on the target phone, the installer removes all telltale files from the Android’s file directories. It leaves no shortcut icons either. Basically, it covers its installation tracks.

As an employer issuing Android smartphones to some of your key employees, you can see after this that you cannot afford to take a risk of not running SpyBubble for Android on each of them.

SpyBubble’s Pro version which has every feature can be purchased at a nominal price compared to the assets that you are protecting. Order your app today and get your Android phone protected today.

Monitor Every Text Message with SpyBubble

SpyBubble Text MessageSpyBubble is the feature-rich app for monitoring and tracking everything done on the cell phone it is running on. It logs all incoming/outgoing calls, collects photos taken on the phone, tracks the phone’s GPS coordinates, and more—all viewable from the customer control panel.

SpyBubble also collects information from one of the most popular activities people do on their phones and that is exchanging text messages via SMS, third-party chatting apps, and email. While sending text is a very effective way to communicate, it has its risk of mischief or wrongdoing which is why you need SpyBubble on your kid’s cell phone or your employee’s company-issued smart device.

Texting and Your Kids

Your kids would much rather text their friends than speak over the phone. There are several reasons for this:

  • Talking about topics that they want to keep concealed
  • Exchanging messages of a sexual nature (“sexting”)
  • Bored and want to pass the time
  • Can hide texting activities from the teacher

Teen Texting

The boredom factor is something that is counterproductive when it comes to school and your children. Typically, they will sit the classroom texting away keeping their phones hidden under the desk. They do this while teacher lectures away.

Boredom happens in school let’s face it. Some of the topics are boring to begin with. But you want your children to learn that boring situations are part of life and the information that the teacher is putting out, while not that interesting, is important.

Texting and Your Employees

Your employees can be exchanging messages either with others in the workplace or, worse yet, with others who work for your competitors. Typical scenarios include:

  • Texting the competition when new ideas are presented
  • Sending inflammatory messages about the company to other coworkers
  • Wasting company time (bored)
  • Coordinating with another to steal something from the company

Texting the competition during presentations and meeting when new plans are being made can put your company in an extremely vulnerable position. It could be a simple message from your employee to a friend who works at another competing company. The message may read, “You should see what they are going to do… This would probably work at your place too.”

As an employer, you well know that boredom takes place in the workplace too. Your employee could have a long list of tasks to complete but the nature some of them is extremely boring. This is when the cell phone comes out and the bored employee starts passing the time with texting instead of doing the task.

What SpyBubble Can Read

Practically any communication that is on a cell phone can be captured by SpyBubble. The app can capture:

SMS WhatsApp BBM iMessage Email

  • Standard SMS messages
  • WhatsApp messages
  • BBM chat sessions (Blackberry)
  • iMessage chat sessions (iPhone)
  • Email messages
  • Task lists and calendar text

If you want to spy on other popular instant messaging apps, please visit www.spyappreview.com and you’ll find a list of the best spy apps on the Internet. Standard SMS messages typically incur extra charges thus chat applications like iMessage and WhatsApp have become popular because they are free and use the internet. Thus what makes a cell phone spy application such as SpyBubble popular is when it can tap into these third-party texting apps.

Email is usually not grouped with SMS and chatting applications however it is text nonetheless. Target phone users have it as an option for communicating and SpyBubble can capture all incoming and outgoing messages.

It’s the same with task lists and calendar text. While the information here may not be going out to someone else, it could still reveal something going on that is not quite right.

Even if It Gets Deleted

Anyone who is up to no good with a cell phone texting application will probably think he is covering his tracks. Without a cell phone tracking app like SpyBubble, he probably can hide his activities by simply deleting the messages.

However, with SpyBubble, all of the messages have already been collected and reside on the server now accessible by you.

Even if your child or employee is not up to anything wrong, texting can waste an incredible amount of time. You need to know what is going on with the cell phones that you are responsible for. Get SpyBubble today and get a handle on all incoming and outgoing communications plus other revealing information.

SpyBubble for iPhone

SpyBubble iPhone SpySpyBubble is a comprehensive cell phone tracking app that is used to monitor the activities on a smartphone such as the iPhone. It is one of the most affordable on the market for all of the features that you get.

Why do you need spy software for an iPhone? Because if you have children to whom you have given an iPhone, you have to protect them from all of the sinister threats that exist out there.

Then, there is the situation where you are responsible for employees to whom you’ve given company-purchased iPhones. This is another big reason why you need SpyBubble.

Read further and you will see more reasons.

The Dangers Out There for Parents

Parents know all too well what lurks out there in either the physical or online world. On any given day, their child is susceptible to:

  • Getting involved with the drug and alcohol crowd
  • Being bullied
  • Assaulted by a stranger
  • Getting lost in an unsafe neighborhood
  • Failing in school because of the influences above

In each of the examples above, SpyBubble iPhone spy software can help guard your loved ones from being a victim of these threats and it can reveal the truth of certain situations to you so that you can take action.

The Risks for Employers

The other common use for SpyBubble is for employers to spy on suspicious employees. Employers know all too well what they are wide open to such as:

  • Theft and embezzlement
  • Compromise of company confidential information
  • Misuse of paid company time
  • Sexual or other harassment between coworkers or from supervisors

Now see how SpyBubble guards your iPhone from these threats.

SpyBubble for iPhone: the Guard

Unlike a traditional security guard, SpyBubble doesn’t have to work on shifts with time off. The software loaded on an iPhone can be used to guard against each one of the problems listed above and more.

Let’s look at this in reverse order by listing some of the problems and the SpyBubble for iPhone features that can be used to solve them.

Involvement with Drugs/Alcohol

DrugsThis is a simple one to guard against really. It involves finding who your teenager is chatting with and who his or her friends are. They’re going to communicate with the iPhone to arrange meetings for transferring drugs or using them.

With SpyBubble for iPhone, you can first of all find out with whom they are communicating with. You can monitor their calls and SMS messages. Furthermore, you can look at messages from internet chat applications WhatsApp and iMessage.

And, since you can also look at their contact list, you can rule out the kids who you know well and be alerted to new suspicious persons suddenly coming on the scene (a typical scenario when drug activity is involved)

Sexual and Other Harassment

Now let’s switch to the employer/employee arena when it comes to SpyBubble for iPhone. All sorts of risks are present in this environment such as embezzlement, sexual harassment, and inventory loss.

However, the most common and difficult to prove is sexual harassment. This is a situation where it doesn’t have to be a company-issued iPhone. Your employee comes to you as a manager and tells you that so-and-so is trying to hit on her.

What are you to do? The only thing to do is get the facts. But how do you do this? Here again, SpyBubble for iPhone has the answer.


You could offer to download SpyBubble to her iPhone and then send you an SMS when it is time to record the surroundings and even take a stealth camera shot or video with the target phone from the SpyBubble. No longer would it be “his word against hers.”

You Can Get Creative with SpyBubble iPhone Spy

This article didn’t discuss all of the possibilities for SpyBubble for iPhone. But as you can see, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination when you have SpyBubble iPhone spy software. Ordering and installing SpyBubble is easy. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to these threats.